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Guided tours of Travel Channel’s “Second-Most Terrifying Place in America” by  Franklin on Foot’s Margie Thessin

FRANKLIN, Tenn. — This Halloween, Franklin on Foot will partner with the Lotz House to offer the first-ever Halloween evening ghost tour on the property. Guided by Margie Thessin, author of “Ghosts of Franklin: Tennessee’s Most Haunted Town,” guests will have the chance to experience the Civil War spirits that are said to haunt the historic home recently featured on the Travel Channel’s “Haunted Live!”

“So many Halloween ghost tours are fabricated with spooks jumping out from behind a door and pranks with visitors. On these tours, we’ll be telling real stories of unexplained sightings and happenings at the Lotz House from many years ago to current day. This is a real, genuine ghost tour that is more chilling because it’s what really happened on these grounds and in this house,” said Thessin.


At the center of the gruesome Battle of Franklin, the Lotz House has witnessed untold bloodshed. The traumatic past and the unexplained phenomena seen by many of its visitors led the home to be dubbed the “Second-Most Terrifying Place in America” by the Travel Channel. These strange happenings include a woman crying out for a loved one, a little girl staring out the window and ordinary items that just won’t

stay put.  


Guests are highly encouraged to come in costume, and one individual from each tour will be awarded a prize for best costume. Snacks and refreshments will also be provided. Guided tours will begin at 5:30 p.m. and run every hour until the final tour ends at 10:30.

Tickets are $35, and there are a limited number of spots available. To purchase your tickets, visit