Decorative And Fine Arts


While on the guided tour of the Lotz House you will learn about the history of many of the antiques and furnishings. You’ll see some of the most exquisite examples of John Henry Belter and Prudent Mallard furniture from the 1820’s – 1860’s. What’s more, you’ll also see several pieces of furniture made by Mr. Lotz himself.In each room you’ll view exceptional pieces of Old Paris Porcelain designed for a wide variety of use.

The Lotz House contains an extraordinary number of rare and scarce porcelain pieces including tea sets, Veilleuses and even a very rare Old Paris water or juice chiller. While you may be familiar with Audubon paintings and prints, you may not be aware that John James Audubon actually painted from birds he captured and stuffed to examine them in their more natural form.

You’ll see Audubon’s stuffed birds placed under their original glass dome. In fact, the former editor at large at The Magazine Antiques, said this about the Lotz House collection, “It is by far the finest private collection of American Victorian Furniture in the Southeast.”